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Total Affiliates 65

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Ads in rotation  275

Paid-To-Clicks 549

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Guests online: 9


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DISCLAIMER: YouveGotAds is NOT a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme nor is it a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Matrix or Pyramid Program. Membership with this Program is totally Free, with no obligation to purchase anything to receive payment.

Important Note: NO new members from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Algeria, India or Poland will be accepted.

Members Benefits

Membership with this site is totally Free!
Youve-Got-Ads is now a CASH and POINTS site!!!!

Get Paid for Visiting our advertisers sites. You choose your favorite topics of interest and we'll do the rest.

Free 1yr. upgrade to first 500. Click here to request yours!

Referral contest till 500 members! Click here for prizes and stats!

In the members only area, you will find several ways to earn.
We offer:
  • Paid E-mails
  • PTC's
  • PTP - 70c cpm paid upgraded only
  • Affiliate Pages 20c CPM
  • Personal PTC Pages
  • New Manual Surfer 15c CPM
  • Hangman Game
  • Click Climber
  • Monthly Activity Rewards for active clickers!
  • Treasure Room
  • YouveGotAds is a $1.00 MINIMUM PAYOUT PROGRAM to Amazon eGift Card, Amazon.co.uk eGift Card, Redeem For Ads, Serve, Wise.
  • When your referrals click on an advertiser's link you will also get credit for it.

    We credit you for 1 referral level(s).

    Level #1 = 15%
  • 30 day+ inactives deleted weekly
  • Important Note: as of 4-2-07
    NO new members from China,Taiwan, Hong Kong,Algeria, India or Poland will be accepted.

  • Advertisers Benefits

    Monthly Ad Specials! Click Here

  • The most cost effective advertising
  • Affordable Ad Packages and Specials
  • Targeted advertising available
  • Sophisticated tracking solutions that help you track your ad inventory.
  • We will customize your Ad Campaign.
  • Whether you need 100 visitors or 500,000 visitors, we can help.
  • Email Ads, Banner Impressions and PTC's, Text Link advertising.
  • Fast, Reliable, Courteous Service.
  • All ads are processed within 48 hours
  • Advertise to 100% opt in membership.
  • Absolutely NO Spam!

  • Note: Youve-Got-Ads.com does not accept any advertising for adult content, gambling, drugs of any kind, or anything that could be classifed as illegal.

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